Tramontina TGP 6000 Black Gas Barbecue Grill with 5 Utensils With TGP 6000 Barbecue Grill Cover | 26500/021

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  • The Tramontina TGP 6000 black gas barbecue grill with 5 utensils and additional burner for side dishes will transform you into an excellent grill master.
  • With state-of-the-art technology, it combines essential attributes for the preparation of succulent and tasty meat. Made of stainless steel, it has burners with automatic lighting and a thermometer for temperature control.
  • It comes with an enameled cast iron grill and flat top, both perfect for preparing that delicious barbecue, which can also be smoked if the stainless steel lid is closed. In addition, it comes with a removable wooden cutting board for prepping and serving. It also has space to store various utensils and accessories to use when grilling.
  • It is easy to carry, as it has wheels with high-resistance locks and handles with silicone protection. With Tramontina, you will become a barbecue master and will leave everyone mouthwatering!
Main Functions and Benefits Stainless steel doors, lid, and front panel.
Space to store several utensils.
Botones de control individual de hornallas. Encendido automático. No necesita energía eléctrica.
4 internal burners and 1 additional sauce pan burner – 60.000 btus.
Protective lid for the additional burner. Multipurpose support area.
Folding support grill. Keeps your food warm.
Grill and flat top in enameled cast iron. More robustness and greater wear resistance.
Hinged lid in stainless steel with double walls.
Tray with container for collecting fat. Prevents flames during use.
Internal temperature gauge.
High-resistance wheels with locks.
Side handles. Greater mobility.
Handle with silicone protection.
Ease of assembly – 2 types of screws.
Greater stability and strength.
Larger usable cooking area.
Support for 5 utensils.
Removable cutting board in natural wood. Can be used on both sides.
Comes with 5 utensils.
Recommendations for Use This ty and instruction manual must be read and followed prior to operating the grill for the first time and whenever should questions arise.
Non-compliance with these warnings and cautions will void the warranty and may also result in serious bodily injury or death, as well as in a fire or explosion causing damage to property.
This grill is designed and recommended for outdoor use only.
Please recycle products and packaging in accordance with existing recycling guidelines.
Weight 58,50 kg
Colour Multiple
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